Free money transfer between apps in P2P mode.

Offer your customers more services and top-ups, from mobile operators, to PlayStation and XboxLive, all this from your pos. You will see an increase in store entries and relative turnover.
With our terminals, even from your Vending Machine, your customer can independently carry out a telephone top-up valid for all operators in the world and / or purchase services. It will soon be possible to make payments for postal bills via the app.
POS devices

Much more than just POS terminals.
Easy to use, it offers a more efficient payment process. Provides a more effective way to interact with customers.

POS account

Free lifetime e-money account for all channels.
In-store sales, online purchases, mobile payments and bank transfers organized in a single solution.

POS Online

You can easily apply for money from all over the world. SiriOpos Online allows businesses to accept payments on their websites, mobile applications, by email and by phone.

The future of payments is here, with POS

Grow your business with a wide range of smart devices and value-added services.
POS devices

Black and white.

Small yes, but never so attractive! Discreet, but reliable. Compact, paperless POS device that is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket.

Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM card

129.00 EUR (excluding VAT)

Pos One Plus


Elegant!! Elegantly designed, paperless POS device with touchscreen and glossy white design.

Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM card

189.00 EUR (excluding VAT)

Pos XL

Black and blue.

Relax, let’s keep the traditions! A reliable POS device with receipt printer and long-lasting battery.

Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM card

249.00 EUR (excluding VAT)

Pos Touch


The App Market dives into POS payments. SirioPOS Smart is a POS device with Android technology equipped with a dual camera and an intuitive interface with which to experiment POS payments and business apps in an innovative way.

Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM card

349.00 EUR (excluding VAT)

Pos Touch Plus

White and red.

Next generation Android terminal for your business. SirioPOS Smart N5 is an innovative POS terminal, with Android technology, which simplifies the acceptance of payments made with chip, contactless and magnetic stripe cards.

Bluetooth 4.0 / Wi-Fi / SIM card

349.00 EUR (excluding VAT)

With any pos device you get:

Merchant account with IBAN

0.00 EUR

Instant payments


Dashboard and reporting

0.00 EUR

VISA Debit card

0.00 EUR

POS SIM DATA included

0.00 EUR

Support by phone, email and chat

0.00 EUR

* commissions are calculated on average and on the basis of annual turnover they may vary, but will be defined at the time of joining

Set up in minutes. A moment to pay. Simple to use.



Receive payment

Corporate Card for instant access to your funds

  • It comes FREE with every POS device
  • No monthly or yearly service fees
  • Ideal for business travel and for paying suppliers and contractors
  • Control of business expenses with individual spending limits
  • Up to 10 additional cards at no cost

Keep your business operational with the TITAN 24 POS DATA Card

Take advantage of 24/7/365 connectivity across Europe and never skip a payment with DATA POS SIM, designed exclusively for POS devices.

Our clients pay no monthly or annual fees

Our goal is to make the MYALA POS payment solution accessible and convenient for businesses of any type and size


We are partners of MyPos, distributors for Italy and exclusivists of MyPos VM for the vending sector