the innovative interface to integrate payment via app into your vending machines

InfinityPay is compatible with all vending machines (of any kind and type) and all payment systems.
Compatible only with MyPay app

Integrate a proprietary Wallet with the possibility of making a one-shot payment (also via pay) or reloading your Wallet.
InfinityPay and MyPay are intelligent, they effectively eliminate the operator code, giving you the opportunity to acquire new customers and send targeted promotions based on habits!
Any customer who has the MyPay app can buy wherever they want, our Wallet will be able to allocate the amount to the correct and host manager.
Enough with the obsolete electronic keys, integrate InfinityPay to your distributors

InfinityPay will be available from July but don’t miss the opportunity today, to buy it at the introductory price.
The first 200 pieces (while stocks last) at a cost of € 100 + VAT
InfinityPay and MyPay have a monthly fee of € 3 for each activated device.

InfinityPay has the following features:

Communication Protocol:

  • executive
  • MDB
  • CcTalk
  • Usb

L: 9cm
A: 5cm
P: 2cm

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